Baby Soup 125 gr

Stok Kodu: ALBC125

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Safe Baby Soup, which is rich in vitamins and minerals; It is prepared with stew and various vegetables. You can also prepare Safe Baby Soup, which is produced especially for babies and children and contains very useful nutrients, with milk, broth, and chicken broth.

  • +8 Months
  • 100% Natural

  • Does Not Contain Additives and Preservatives.

  • Contains No Added Sugar and Colorant.

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Flour (37%), Güvem (17%), Tomato (9%), Onion (8%), Chickpea (7%), Yogurt (6%), Pumpkin (6%), Parsley, Mint

The best food for your baby is breast milk.
Additional foods are only complementary to breast milk.
It complies with the Turkish Food Codex Baby and Young Child Supplementary Foods Communiqué. It is recommended to be cooked fresh for every meal in order to preserve its nutritional value.. Tarhana Soup with Sloe Recipe for Babies you can check our blog for.

Energy and Nutrients for 100g
Energy(kcal) 362,07
Fat(g) 2,63
Saturated Fat(g) 2,19
Carbs(g) 72,96
Sugars(g) 5,7
fiber(g) 0,0
Protein(g) 11,65
salt(g) 0,9
Weight 0,3 kg

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