Geographical Indication Product Development

Atiye Laçin Food

With the advantage of Çanakkale being a province that offers favorable conditions for organic farming activities with its ecological characteristics, with its climate and soil structure suitable for the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, our company increases its product diversity by using the raw materials grown in our region in the product development processes. and produces products with high added value from the values ​​of our region.

We continue to be a pioneer in our region with the products we have developed using Lapseki Peach, Bayramiç White, Bayramiç Apple, Yenice Red Pepper and Deer Olive Oil.

In addition, we continue to appeal to customers in both national and international markets with our products that we produce using geographically marked products grown in various cities of our country. Bodrum Mandarini, Düzce Chestnut Squash, Finike Orange, Geyve Quince are the raw materials of our products that gain value with change.

Geographical Indication

Some products are identified with the region where they are produced. In order to protect the rights and assets of these products for many years, geographical indication is required.

If the most basic feature that distinguishes a product from its similar products is the region where it is produced, the term ‘regional’ is used for this product. Local products are identified with the region where they are found or produced and are referred to there. The signs that legally express the locality of this type of products are also called geographical indications. As an example of products that have received geographical indication in our country; Antakya künefe, Kayseri pastrami, Kars cheddar, Bayramiç apple, Malatya apricot, Antep baklava can be shown.

In order for a product to receive a geographical indication, it must have the following characteristics:

  • Geographically located within a certain area
  • It is a product that has emerged as a result of the characteristics of this field.
  • BHaving a characteristic feature and being associated with the region where this characteristic feature is located

Geographical indication application can be made in two ways: origin and country of origin:

  • The origin application states that all the qualities of the relevant product are directly related to the region in question. From this point of view, it is registered that the same type of products grown or produced in other regions are not the same as the product entitled to receive geographical indication.
  • It is given for products whose geographical boundaries are drawn in a certain way, which belong to that region with all their features and cannot be produced outside that region. For example, Afyon cream, Finike orange, Anzer honey, Van herby cheese.
  • Geographical application, on the other hand, is more flexible in terms of the concept of region, but it certifies that its characteristics are different from the others by considering the product characteristics and production methods. In this case, even if the same product is produced in different places, regardless of geography, it has to carry its original characteristics.
  • It is given for products whose geographical boundaries are drawn in a certain way, but which belong to that region with distinctive features and whose production, processing and at least one of the other operations are carried out within the boundaries of the specified geographical area. For example, Akçaabat meatballs, Balıkesir höşmerim dessert, Adana kebab, Antakya künefe.

How to Get Geographical Indication?

For those who are wondering how to get a geographical indication, in this part of our article, we will cover the issue of geographical indication application. First of all, it should be researched whether to apply for the name of origin or the indication of origin for the determined local product. Then, by preparing the relevant documents, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office geographical indication registration application can be made.

Applications for geographical indications are evaluated by TURKPATENT in accordance with the procedures and principles specified in the Industrial Property Law No. 6769 and its regulation. Applications are made through TÜRKPATENT electronic application system EPATS. Accordingly, applicants must complete their preparations in advance on the following issues:

  • Application form containing necessary information about the applicant,
  • An explanation as to whether the request covers the geographical origin or the indication of origin,
  • Documents proving the eligibility of the application to be evaluated
  • Documents and information that have the quality of proof about the definition of the product and the production method,
  • Detailed information about the geographical area,
  • Documents and information that clearly reveal the relationship of the product and production methods with the geographical area,
  • Documents explaining the historical process of the production of the product in the said region,
  • Commitments and audit criteria related to audit processes,
  • Symbol, label and packaging-like documents that determine the usage of the geographical indication