La Benno discover


We did something truly devastating with La Benno.Using the motto "No Additives and Preservatives, Only Naturalness", we only used apple juice concentrate and removed beet sugar from our products to create a groundbreaking flavor with natural ingredients. Then, we brought you together with our products, which are more than just marmalade, by combining the fruits with the best flavors with our experience and quality, which is the most important thing that makes a difference.Our marmalade varieties, which have a rich and creamy texture with only natural and additive-free ingredients, contain thousands of flavors, colors and scents that will inspire you to create new tastes.


The journey of the Atiye Laçin brand started with the production of the traditional Mevlevi Dessert, which is flour-free, fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, with the name "Relic from the past, legacy to the future".With our passion for production and our determination to be perfect in everything we do, we have brought the pleasure, taste, richness and satisfaction of offering natural products to your tables as joy and taste to your palates with our product range since 2004. We grow together with you and raise the next generation as our tastes change in every season where our tables and souls are renewed!We continue to produce jams, marmalades, sauces and pastes with our quality, which is the only thing that does not change.


We present Rich Balls to you with the slogan "Modern Interpretation of Traditional Tastes" for everyone, big or small. Our goal is always to grow as a pioneer and innovator in the healthy snack industry; to evolve with the changing behavior of consumers. With the idea that "the palate is the best laboratory", we have brought a new breath for you with long-term studies. You will notice the difference in its content when you eat it yourself. Eagle, Hawk and Phoenix, which are unique products that are rich in nutritional values and are produced without using any additives, inspired by centuries-old recipes by combining them with the highest quality raw materials and spices, which succeed in distinguishing themselves from their peers in terms of taste and appearance...