Our aim in sponsorship studies is to carry out the process in an understanding that is based on the principle of mutual gain and can touch the other party... As Atiye Laçin Gıda, we carry out our sponsorship activities, especially in the categories we have determined in our region, with in-kind and financial sponsorship activities.
-Sponsorship of Sports Organizations
-Personal Athlete Sponsorship
-University Club and Community Sponsorship
-Fair, Congress, Conference, Summit Sponsorship

Women Entrepreneur Supports

Loans, grants and supports provided by public institutions and non-governmental organizations to women entrepreneurs who contribute to the country's economy and create employment are increasing. Women Entrepreneurs are now a source of hope for the economy with their local and national activities at different scales... As Atiye Laçin Gıda, we support entrepreneurs and their projects. Many successful women entrepreneurs who shape entrepreneurship with their ideas and stand out with their creative projects are given mentorship support by our founder Atiye Laçin, who started her journey with a success story, especially in the food industry.

Young Entrepreneur Supports

We aim to create sustainable value for society and the environment, thus contributing to a happier and more livable world for future generations. We aim to provide opportunities for our determined youth, who have goals and projects in different categories, including science, culture and arts, social responsibility and sports, to realize their dreams. The serious concerns and hopelessness of today's youth about the future is coming. Many studies show that young people do not dream and do not have the motivation to work to achieve their dreams. However, regardless of the circumstances, we also have young people who have worked with determination and courage and achieved great success.