Special Production for Store Brands

We enable our clients, including national and global supermarket chains, to offer their customers their own branded products and monetize this rapidly growing market sector.

Special Production for the HORECA Sector

We provide support with our flavors so that our national and international HORECA sector customers can present their products in different packages, tailored to their demands, and make them feel different.

Olive and Olive Oil Filling

As Atiye Laçin Gıda, we fill the olive oil of the desired bottle or packaging of your brand and the quality you want, in a completely safe way with the contract olive oil filling agreement, on a batch basis, under the conditions of the Turkish Food Codex Olive Oil communiqué.


At the same time, we offer scalable storage services for a certain period of time to the companies that we have provided contract manufacturing services, which will enable them to ship faster and easier at every stage of their growth.


We ensure that you use your resources correctly. It also allows you to get rid of all costs such as insurance, taxes and repairs required by machinery and equipment, as well as the sales/disposal processes that will occur when the machine's useful life is completed.We rent our machinery line for certain periods with our corporate customers.

Export Support

Depending on the delivery methods, we provide support to speed up the export process with the companies we receive transportation support and to carry out the necessary transactions. In order to increase sales for the market, training of the relevant personnel and product information activities are carried out.