Orange Marmalade 220 gr

Stok Kodu: ALPM220

3,90 $

Prepared from the geographically marked Finike oranges grown with good agricultural practices, this unique marmalade adorns breakfasts and snacks, balancing the sudden hunger in a healthy way. When you need energy during the day, you can eat a spoon and feel magnificent by renewing yourself.

  • 100% Natural

  • Does Not Contain Refined Sugar. Beet Sugar Used
  • Does Not Contain Thickener and Colorant

  • Does Not Contain Additives and Preservatives

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Orange (80%), Beet Sugar, Lemon Juice

Energy and Nutrients 100g
Energy(kj/kcal) 1113,74 / 266
Fat(g) 0,01
Saturated Fat(g) 0,00
Carbs(g) 66,00
Sugars(g) 65,20
fiber(g) 0,00
Protein(g) 0,40
salt(g) 0,00
Weight 0,42 kg

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