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In Memory of the 100th Anniversary of the Çanakkale Wars…

With the idea of ​​a journey to the past, we make a difference to life with the dimension of food… Peksimet & Anzac Biscuits, which are mentioned in the memories of the unfortunate meeting of the Anzac soldiers who landed on the shores of Çanakkale Gallipoli and the Turkish soldiers who defended the homeland, together…

  • Does Not Contain Additives and Preservatives

“The rusk, which is the food of Turkish soldiers, is full and lasts for a long time. But as it waits, it becomes like a stone and hardens. Our teeth would break while eating, so we wet it with water and eat it… Likewise, the provisions of Anzac soldiers were Anzac Biscuits. It was also very hard, it would become like Anzac Tile as it waited. We used to break our teeth while eating… It must be a necessity to be human, that after the conflict is over, Turkish soldiers throw rusk and Anzac soldiers throw Anzac biscuits from trench to trench…

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Peksimet: Yulaf Unu, Arpa Unu, Tam Buğday Unu, Tuz

Anzac Biscuits: Oat Flour, Barley Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Coconut, Sugar, Butter, Baking Powder

Energy and Nutrients for 100g
Energy(kj/kcal) 0,00
Fat(g) 0,00
Saturated Fat(g) 0,00
Carbs(g) 0,00
Sugars(g) 0,00
fiber(g) 0,00
Protein(g) 0,00
salt(g) 0,00
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