Nutrition in School Age Children

A healthy, adequate and balanced diet is very important, especially for children, as in any age period. Due to rapid growth and development, preschool children’s need for many nutrients is higher than in other periods of life. The nutritional habits to be gained in the pre-school period continue for life. Children, who form the core of society and are in a continuous growth and development process, are one of the groups most affected by nutritional deficiencies, and malnutrition habits acquired during childhood constitute the main risk factor for diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure and obesity.

In addition to healthy nutrition, children’s adopting a more active lifestyle, increasing their physical activity levels and supporting them in this regard will make significant contributions to the social, mental and physical development of children.

Dear Educators, School age is a very important period when growth and development are the fastest and behaviors that can last a lifetime are formed to a large extent. If children are fed insufficiently and unbalancedly during this period, they become immune to diseases; He gets sick frequently, his illness progresses severely, and his school success decreases due to absenteeism.