From past to today

As Atiye Laçin Gıda, we have always been trying to do the right thing since the day we were founded. All the promises made for us have been kept. We conduct processes in a fair and principled manner in all our relations.We take personal responsibility to do our best together with our team; We provide the best combination of performance and value. We work hard to run an efficient business. Thus, we can always have competitive prices. Our customers know they will get more for their money with the products and services we offer. We continue to offer products and produce solutions to different consumer profiles with our product range, by following all trends and new needs and expectations arising from the changing social life.


Today, the increasing interest in old habits, local tastes and natural materials; The fact that the damage caused by food products processed with additives came to the fore and the awareness of the public, and the longing for the local, especially in the city, created a change in the food sector. With the change experienced, we, as Atiye Laçin Gıda, are proud to be an important part of this change with our experience of nearly 20 years and the products we have prepared by staying true to our essence. We do not use additives or preservatives in any of our products. Our products are grown in the fertile lands of Troy, from Çanakkale to Sakarya, from Sakarya to Antalya with good agricultural practices. We continue to bring you together with happiness the natural, delicious and valuable products, each of which is produced with a thousand and one effort by our farmers.


We are in love with the land where our products were born, the people who produce them, their traditions and their stories, on this path that we have decided to turn our passion into a profession. We are responsible not only for our own life, but also for the lives of all producers engaged in agriculture.


In order to increase everyone’s quality of life and to create a harmonious living environment, we want our best products to take place at the tables that unite you, with the thought that the moments shared around a table enable you to find real happiness. We are always with you with our products that will make everyone feel at home, in their village, in their garden, without resorting to secret and insincere persuasion methods.