Adequate and Balanced Nutrition

It should not be forgotten that the protection and development of health is only possible by protecting and improving one’s own health.

Our goal is; “Minimum Risk of Disease, Maximum Health”

For Maximum Health;

  • Adequate and Balanced
  • Nutrition Regular Physical Activity
  • Smoke Free Life
  • Avoiding Stress
  • Regular Health Checkup is essential.

Adequate and Balanced Nutrition is the basic element in every period of life for optimal health.

Nutrition is not to suppress the feeling of hunger, to fill the stomach or to eat what you want.

Nutrition; It is a behavior that should be done consciously in order to take the nutrients needed by the body in sufficient quantities and at appropriate times in order to protect and develop health and increase the quality of life.

Malnutrition occurs when nutrients cannot be taken at the level the body needs.

Humans need about 50 nutrients for their life. It has been determined how much of each of these elements should be taken daily in order for a person to grow and develop healthy and to live a healthy and productive life for a long time. When any of these elements are not taken, if they are taken more or less than necessary, growth and development are hindered and health deteriorates. If more food is consumed than necessary, some items that are taken too much will be harmful to health as they are stored as fat in the body. This condition is called Unbalanced Nutrition.

In the prevention of unbalanced nutrition, it is of great importance to gain awareness of healthy nutrition through nutrition education.

Persons with Sufficient and Balanced Nutrition

  • It looks solid and healthy.
  • Dynamic and flexible body,
  • A neat skin, lively and shiny hair and eyes,
  • Strong, normally developed muscles,
  • Willingness to work,
  • Body weight appropriate for height,
  • Normal mental development,
  • Person has a structure that is not often sick.

Persons with Malnourished and Unbalanced 

  • People’s movements are slow and reluctant
  • Unhealthy general appearance (extremely thin or obese)
  • Rough, dry, unhealthy skin structure,
  • Fat or weak body structure,
  • Complaining of frequent headaches
  • Person has an appetite, tired, reluctant structure.