3 Tips for a Healthy Eid

Holidays are special days that allow us to stop and take a breather in the hustle and bustle of daily life, and to meet with our friends, loved ones and families. Eid-al-Fitr is a holiday that comes after the month of Ramadan and is celebrated with enthusiasm with our loved ones. This year it will be celebrated on May 2-4.

This year, we want to celebrate our holiday in the best way. However, we should pay attention to our body resistance together with our loved ones in these conditions, where the continuous cold weather together with the coronovirus epidemic in our lives affects our body resistance negatively.

So how can we spend our holiday healthy?


1 – Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

While celebrating our holidays, we love to come together as a family and visit our relatives and elders. Seeing our loved ones are well, remembering them and chatting has a great place for us. When we go to kiss the hands of our elders, we should not neglect to bring them healthy treats. We always support our visits, which are a part of our culture, with our pure products. For example, we can present traditional delicacies Mevlevi and Murabba desserts or the healing source of Güvem Essence to our elders.

By the way, if we want to have a healthy holiday, the offended people should definitely make peace with each other. If there is someone you have been offended by for a while or if we see you around us, there is no better time than the holiday to make peace. We are sure that you will feel good if you melt the ice in between.


2 – Set a Beautiful Table

You may be spending the holiday with your family or alone. However, we recommend you to set a nice holiday table both with your family and yourself. The holiday table is one of the most beautiful details that develop the holiday spirit. Even if there is not much variety of food, it will make you feel good to prepare the table carefully.

Don’t forget the traditional holiday breakfast for a joyful holiday. We want to add naturalness to your breakfast in our Atiye Laçin Jam and Marmalade groups. We recommend you to enjoy the candy tasting with Atiye Laçin healthy snacks this holiday. Rich Balls will help you with this.


3- Holiday Treats

Our holiday treats, which are indispensable for our visits during our holidays, should be healthy snacks this year. Since all of the products in Atiye Laçin are gluten-free, vegan, additive-free, preservative-free, you can serve your treats both healthy and delicious to your guests and during your visits. We recommend you Rich Balls, Mevlevi Dessert and Murabba.


Atiye Laçin Gıda wishes you and your family happy and peaceful holidays. Happy Ramadan Feast.